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Workplace Learning Program

Workplace Learning is an endorsed program that contributes to achievement of the WACE.  The course provides an opportunity for a student to demonstrate and develop the core skills for work, referred to as generic, transferable or employability skills. Students learn to apply and adapt these skills that are necessary to understand and carry out different types of work. The Workplace Learning program is delivered at the College as part of a student’s timetable, in the same way that ATAR and General courses are delivered. This provides them with the opportunity to catch up course work in relation to the times they will be attending the workplace to achieve their required workplace learning hours.


There could be no more important choice for a young person than that of their career. So much of our lives involve working, and often where we live, the direction our lives take and our standard of living are dependent on that initial choice of career.


This course is holistic – it encompasses life, work and learning. Students explore a world of work that is constantly changing. Working independently and in collaboration with others, they develop an understanding of what is possible, and develop a set of “career skills”. It’s about pursuing one’s dreams – wisely.


Developing workplace skills aids an individual to gain employment, and in the longer term, to progress within the organisation or industry area in which they are employed, and to contribute successfully to the organisation’s objectives and to the wider community.


Students who are studying a vocational pathway have the option of selecting Workplace Learning as part of their course. Students will combine school learning with experience in industry/commercial work placements and represents a partnership between schools and the business sector. The aim is to develop competence in the Generic Skills area. These are the skills employers consider vital as a base from which one can develop industry specific skills. Matching personal and work profiles, using career development and work search skills are reflected in career portfolios, which should show evidence of organising work, training and learning experiences to reflect preferred career pathway options.


Workplace Learning is available in Years 11 and 12. In each year students must complete at least two placements with a minimum of fifty-five hours per work placement.


Benefits for Students:

  • Workplace Learning develops responsible work skills and assists in career planning and/or employment

  • Increases self-esteem and confidence and develops broader communication skills.

  • Complements and reinforces school courses and increases awareness of the link between school, work and further education.

  • Provides a realistic understanding of the expectations of specific industries.

  • Provides students with a ‘Skills Profile’ which enhances their employment prospects.

  • TAFE entry points are awarded on successful completion.

  • Contributes towards WACE.

Year 10 Workplace Learning Information Pack

Years 11 and 12 Workplace Learning Information Pack


Please contact the Career Services team for further information on the Workplace Learning program.

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