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Year 12 2023 ATAR Results

Our Lady of Mercy College demonstrates a commitment to student success and continuous improvement through its reflective practice process. The annual analysis of Year 12 results serves as a point for evaluating teaching practices across Years 7 to 12. This proactive approach allows the College to adapt and refine its methods, ensuring students receive the best possible support in achieving their academic goals.

Data is drawn from a comprehensive range of sources, including the School Curriculum and Standards Authority, the Tertiary Information Services Centre, as well as internal data collated by the College. This multi-faceted approach ensures a holistic understanding of student performance, enabling the College to make well-informed decisions.

The strategic focus on key data sets, chosen for their relevance in providing meaningful feedback to the College community, showcases a thoughtful and purposeful commitment to improvement in student outcomes. Our Lady of Mercy College’s dedication to excellence, adaptability, and student-centric practices positions it as an institution at the forefront of educational innovation and support.

The following sets of data are those considered to be the most useful in providing feedback to the College community.

Year 12 2023 ATAR Results Leaflet

Year 12 2023 Key Indicators Leaflet

Year 12 2023 Academic Success Mercy Story


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