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Student Wellbeing

Embracing Life, Nurturing Faith and Inspiring Learning are the key pillars of Our Lady of Mercy College.


Whilst the College endeavours to be proactive within the Wellbeing space, there are times when events and tragedies take place within our local and wider community which present challenges to individuals, families and groups.

In such circumstances, many students will wish to talk with their parents or someone they trust. Below are resources that may assist in these conversations. Staying connected and engaged with their child is one of the best ways to support them.


As a first level of support, students and their families are able to access the services of College Counsellors Miss Grace Youngs and Miss Emily Denholm are available to meet with individuals or families and may be contacted at the College on (08) 9720 3300 or via Direct Message via SEQTA.


Alternatively, contact the College directly on (08) 9720 3300 to discuss any matter with a Head of Year or other senior members of staff.


If your child is already accessing the services of a mental health professional, you should ensure that any new information is passed on to them. 

School TV - Wellbeing Resources for Parents

Our Lady of Mercy College has partnered with SchoolTV to create a customised wellbeing resource for families of our College Community.  This online resource is designed to provide parents and guardians with realistic, practical information and ongoing support strategies for you and your child. 

Other services are available within our community :

Students can also contact the following helplines if needed: 


Parents can contact the following helplines for additional support:

Should parents have any concerns about their child that they may wish to discuss, they are encouraged to contact the College.

Embracing life  |  Nurturing faith  |  Inspiring learning

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