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Visual Arts

Course Description

Visual Arts ATAR is suited to students with a genuine passion for exploring and creating unique and innovative artworks that express their thoughts and opinions. Students choosing ATAR Visual Arts should also enjoy researching about artists, writing about, and analysing artworks.
The Visual Arts ATAR course encompasses the practice and theory of art, craft, and design, providing students an opportunity to express their imagination, personal imagery, develop skills and engage in the making and presentation of artwork. This course encourages students to develop problem-solving skills together with creative and analytical ways of thinking, whilst at the same time provides opportunity to gain understanding and a deep appreciation of art and culture, both in Australian and international contexts. The course places emphasis on uniqueness and individuality, where the variety and depth of artforms explored and artworks produced is largely determined by the individual.
Students will also engage in visual literacy, analysis and investigate the life, times, and artworks of notable international or Australian artists, demonstrating their understanding of learned content through semester examinations. Students participate in exciting skills based workshops, attend excursions, and are encouraged to enter their artworks into exhibitions.
Students learn within a critical yet nurturing, friendly, collaborative and fun environment.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Essential to have achieved a B Grade or higher in Year 10 Visual Arts. Must be achieving a B Grade or higher in General English and be highly creative,
self-motivated and be able to work independently.


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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