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2023 School Advisory Council Report

2023 was once again a busy and challenging year, with capital development leading the agenda. The new Arts building is now well and truly on its way to being delivered, along with the Home Economics upgrade. The School Advisory Council (SAC) was also instrumental in the conception of 2 new Houses – Champagnat and Frayne.


At the end of Term 2, we farewelled our Principal, Mr Rob Crother, for what we believed to be a short stint of long service leave. Mr Crother was due to return to the College in Term 4. Unfortunately, Mr Crother’s health issues have prolonged his absence. Please join me in keeping Mr Crothers in your thoughts and prayers as he continues treatment and recovery with an anticipated return in Term 3, 2024.


Mr Vince Bellini joined our College in Term 3 to stand in as Principal in Mr Crothers' absence. The SAC would like to sincerely thank Mr Bellini for his passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to Our Lady of Mercy College as Principal.


He has enabled the College to continue to function and make progress, and has not only stepped up to the challenge but thrived in the role, while respecting the job that had been done prior to his arrival. Thank you, Mr Bellini, for everything you have brought to our College in such

difficult circumstances.


I would like to thank all members of the Advisory Council – Amy Pitts, Ranawake (Sam) Perera, Dayle Hamilton and Kylie Bremmer. Your insight and input at our monthly meetings are always welcomed and very valuable. A special thanks to Lee Tilbrook for chairing the College finance

committee and bringing a true sense of business and accountability to the meetings, Mr Paul Cronin, our P&F representative, and Mrs Jolene Roots, our Personal Assistant and Mrs Fix-It. Your commitment to our College is unsurpassed.


As we move into 2024, we highlight the Mercy value of “Hospitality”. I pose the question, how can we all be more giving in our daily and College lives? Some people can be, and are, philanthropic. However, not all of us are in that position. We can still observe this value in the way of time and ideas and, perhaps most importantly, just to listen to someone – “to give an ear”.


Finally, I would like to thank our staff and students for making Our Lady of Mercy College the place it is today.

Mr David Beech, Chair School Advisory Council

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