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Course Description

The Music ATAR course encourages students to explore a range of musical experiences, developing their musical skills and understanding, and creative and expressive potential, through a choice of one of two defined contexts: Western Art Music or Contemporary Music. The course consists of a written component incorporating aural and theory, composition and arrangement, cultural and historical analysis, and a practical component, where students can choose to perform on an instrument or voice in one of four contexts, and/or submit a composition portfolio. The Music course provides opportunities for creative expression, the development of aesthetic appreciation, and understanding and respect for music and music practices across different times, places, cultures, and contexts. Students listen, compose, perform and analyse music, developing skills to confidently engage with a diverse array of musical experiences, both independently and collaboratively. Studying music may also provide a pathway for further training and employment in a range of professions within the music industry. 

Minimum Entry Requirements

Read and notate music; confidence as a performer; music theory level 2; performance level 3; audition and interview may be required.


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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