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Course Description

In today’s modern and ever-changing world, Drama builds much needed skillsets including confidence, leadership, time management, showing initiative and interpersonal skills. Drama prepares students to engage peers and colleagues in a thoughtful and insightful way. Drama is a valuable pathway for many career choices, such as marketing, law, education and medicine as well as careers within acting/performing arts areas. In the Drama courses students engage in the creation of original drama as well as interpret a range of texts, using the acting approaches of some of the most well-known practitioners in the industry. Students will create and adapt practical work both individually and as part of an ensemble performance, to make meaning for a range of audiences and to suit different performance settings. The work in this course is not limited to ‘acting’ and includes production and design aspects involving directing, scenography, costumes, props, promotional materials, and sound and lighting. Increasingly, students use new technologies, such as digital sound and multimedia. Students may have the opportunity to view live theatre throughout the course and will be encouraged to attend a Drama camp and performance workshops when available. The focus in this course is on both individual and ensemble performance, as well as the roles of actor, director, scenographer, lighting designer, sound designer, costume designer and dramaturge.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Essential to have completed Drama in Year 9 and/or Year 10. Must have self- confidence and be willing to perform in front of an audience. Students are required to be achieving a B Grade in General English.


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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