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Engineering Studies

Course Description

The Engineering Studies ATAR course provides opportunities for students to investigate, research and present information through a design process and then undertake project management to make a functioning product. These activities provide students with opportunities to apply engineering processes, understand underpinning scientific and mathematical principles, develop engineering technology skills and to understand the interrelationships between engineering projects and society. The Engineering Studies ATAR course is essentially a practical course focusing on real-life contexts. It aims to prepare students for a future in an increasingly technological world by providing the foundation for life-long learning about engineering. It is particularly suited to those students who are interested in engineering and technical industries as future careers. Mechatronic engineering is focused on robotic engineering and is the content area that will be followed. The structure of the course will mean that students will look at the theory and knowledge from the syllabus and then relay this into action with practical demonstrations and projects. Both will compliment each other and will work towards creating a practical project at the end.

Minimum Entry Requirements

At least an C grade in General A Maths


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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