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Materials and Design Technology

Course Description

The Materials Design and Technology ATAR course is a practical course. The course allows for the exploration and use of three materials learning contexts: metal, textiles and wood with the design and manufacture of products as the major focus. There is also the flexibility to incorporate additional materials from outside the three designated contexts. This can enhance and complement the knowledge and skills developed within the course as many modern-day products are manufactured using a range of different material types. Students examine social and cultural values and the short-term and long-term impacts of the use and misuse of materials and associated technologies. Working with materials, students develop a range of processing, manufacturing and organisational skills. When designing with materials, students develop cognitive skills such as critiquing, analysing, solving problems, generating innovative ideas and communicating what they do. It also prepares students to make predictions about likely changes to technology in the future.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Advantageous to have completed Year 9 or 10 MDT Wood and C grade in Year 10 General English


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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