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Year 9 Students Explore Plumbing Pathways at Try-A-Trade

Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre recently hosted six of our enthusiastic Year 9 students, offering them a firsthand experience in the world of plumbing with MPA Skills.

This immersive initiative allowed these young learners to delve into the plumbing industry, gaining both knowledge and practical insights.

Guided by MPA Skills trainer Brad Lowe, the students were introduced to various plumbing techniques, tools, and problem-solving scenarios.

Through hands-on activities, they were able to assemble and disassemble plumbing fixtures, understand the basics of pipe installation, and even tackle minor repair tasks.

The Try-a-Trade program undoubtedly sowed the seeds of curiosity and possibility in these students, potentially inspiring future careers in the plumbing industry.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Donna Wroth for her continued efforts and hard work in offering our students with so many wonderful opportunities.

For more information regarding Try-a-Trade opportunities, please contact our Career Services Team.


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