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Year 12 Retreat is the Highlight of Final Year at the College

Our Year 12 students recently enjoyed some time away at their three days of retreat at Christian Youth Camps, Lake Cooloongup in Baldivis. The students participated in many activities, including solo reflection and fun group activities. It was a memorable experience, with many students commenting that it was the highlight of their final year.

Retreat made me grateful for the past, excited about the future and taught me to live in the present.

"Year 12 Retreat was a great opportunity that brought our year group closer together. The Retreat allowed us to reset after our exams, and gave us time to reflect on friendships, family, and our time at school. Retreat made me realise how quickly high school had gone past, and how little time we have left at Our Lady of Mercy College. Retreat made me grateful for the past, excited about the future and taught me to live in the present. Year 12 Retreat is one of the highlights of Year 12 and is a memory I will treasure."

Mia Nandapi

"Retreat was an extremely memorable experience for me. I really enjoyed getting to know people that I wouldn't usually talk to. We really appreciated seeing the teachers share personal aspects of themselves, such as their family lives. It allowed us to get to know them more. A highlight of Retreat was that it strengthened many of my friendships."

Ash Godwin

"Retreat was a very enjoyable experience and made me connect with new people. It gave me time to reflect on my life as-well-as what my future holds for me after school. The highlight was the group cabaret performances and mini-Olympic games."

Stephanie Musitano

"Retreat was an amazing experience that opened the opportunity to connect with my peers. It allowed me to understand the lives of those that I have shared my high school journey with and create unforgettable memories. With the performances, free time and small group activities, it was a time where we could reflect and remember the last six years of our school lives with the people that made it special."

Jemma Grasso

"The mini-Olympics and the cabaret night made Retreat. The book event at the mini-Olympics was by far the most enjoyable one, not only to participate in but to watch everyone trying to balance a book on their heads while walking fast as well. All of the performances on the cabaret night were funny and what made it more humorous was Mr Galati's continued engagement in various acts."

Dani Iuculano

"Five things I liked about Retreat:

Mr Galati

Mr Galati singing

Mr Galati on family feud

Mr Galati family presentation

Mr Galati in the circus"

Jackson Cooper

"Year 12 Retreat was an experience that I enjoyed very much. I was able to become closer with people I already had friendships with and those I never really talked to before. The range of group activities with my peers and teachers allowed us to bond and deepen our relationships."

Naomi King

"Year 12 Retreat was the first real opportunity to escape real-world stress experienced during ATAR. I was able to step back and reconnect with friends and peers I do not see as often; this allowed a state of peace to exist. I found the mass to be a moving experience with a modern twist that evoked a feeling of community."

Ryley Wastell

"Year 12 Retreat was a fantastic experience that allowed me to deepen friendships and have a closer relationship with the teachers. The three days away consisted of many activities, including solo reflection and fun group activities. Everyone who attended talked and spent time with people they didn't normally talk to, which was very beneficial in creating a more unified year group. Hearing the teacher's and other students' stories connected us and made a special bond between us. Retreat is definitely a highlight of my year, and I am extremely grateful for the experience."

Kyla Brophy-Smith


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