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Year 11 Students Shine in 2024 Leadership Speeches

In a remarkable showcase of courage and determination, a group of Year 11 students took the stage this week to deliver their Leadership speeches before an audience consisting of staff, peers, and Principal Vince Bellini.

With their inspiring presentation skills, they addressed the core Mercy Values and illuminated their visionary approach to leadership, emphasising mental health and service to others.

Head of Year 11, Mr Mazza, expressed his immense pride in the students for embracing challenges and surpassing their expectations.

Principal Bellini, in his address to the cohort, applauded the exceptional quality of the speeches, highlighting the maturity and depth of insight exhibited by the students. He expressed his admiration for the promising visions they presented.

Here, we share some insightful quotes from their speeches:

"I'm going to endeavour to bring the school together as a community everybody wants to join." Andrew Bragg

"I believe that seniors of the school should play a greater role in mentoring the younger students." Mark Parravivini

"If elected as College Captain, I aim to tackle prevalent issues within society. This includes the issue of mental health." Cobey Brown

"I have strong faith in and care for our school and the students in it, and I only wish to give back to the school that has guided me throughout these past years." Alain Rodas

"I genuinely believe that together, we can make this school an even more comfortable and memorable learning environment." Claire Smith

"True leadership is not just about achieving results; it is also about helping others to reach their full potential." Meg Kimpton

"Being a leader will also benefit my future occupational journey by providing experience in public speaking and working and growing as a team." Rhys Mcatee

"I strive to stand up for what I believe in and will speak up diplomatically and with sensitivity to others' feelings." Jayde Barry

"Although I use all the six Mercy values in my daily life, I feel service resonates with me the most. Anyone at any time can show service, no matter how busy your life is or who you are as a person." Bella Dallywater

The students demonstrated their passion for positive change and dedication to being there for their fellow students. Congratulations to all. You have set an inspiring standard.


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