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The Science Engineering Challenge

Thirty two of Our Lady of Mercy students were recently selected to compete in a day of STEM activities at the Leschenault Leisure Centre. The students competed against seven other schools at a fun-filled two-day Science Engineering Challenge.

Students worked in teams of four to tackle eight different STEM-related activities that tested their teamwork, creativity and science skills. Tasks included helter-skelter (creating a tower that would withhold weight and movement from earthquake-like movement), confounding communications (creating a code to communicate messages to one another), bridge building and hovercraft building. Some groups even constructed bionic hands that had to complete various tasks, like picking up straws or holding a ball.

Students had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the atmosphere and fun activities they got to participate in.

Our Lady of Mercy College did exceptionally well, finishing overall second. The day was a fabulous success, and we look forward to seeing our budding Year 8, 9 & 10 students apply to join the team in 2022!


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