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The Power of Early Literacy in Shaping Young Minds: Insights from Author Krystle Lovett

We had a fantastic time recently in our Year 10 Child Development class as we welcomed author Krystle Lovett, also known as KS D'arcy, as our special guest!

Krystle, the creative mind behind beloved children's books like "Sweet Koala Kuku" and "A Bad Gorilla Day," shared her insights with our students. The students have been learning about the complexities of child development—cognitive, physical, language, social, and emotional—and Krystle's visit was perfectly timed.

Last term, the focus was on language development and the power of early literacy in shaping young minds. Through analysing picture books, our students discovered the magic ingredients: rhyme, repetition, and illustrations that harmonise with the text.

Krystle's visit gave our students a firsthand look into the world of children's literacy, particularly the art of crafting picture books. Her themes resonated deeply, aligning beautifully with our upcoming exploration of social-emotional development in young children.

Also, Krystle's journey from aspiring writer to published author was a great inspiration for our students. She emphasised the importance of following one's passions.

One of our students, Freya, shared her thoughts: "In our Child Development Class, we have been learning about the benefits of reading from an early age to encourage language development and thinking skills. Our guest speaker, Mrs Krystle Lovett, spoke during our class about her experiences writing children's books and the importance of making learning fun."

During class, students also practised their storytelling skills by creating literacy bags for young children to enjoy. Soon, they'll have the opportunity to share their favourite stories with little ones, as the popular Story Time sessions return to the College.

A big thank you to Mrs Lovett for generously sharing her time and insights and donating her books to our Mercy Early Childhood Learning Area.

For more information and ways to purchase these lovely books, please visit:


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