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Talented Performing Arts Students Shine at The New Lyric Theatre

We have some very talented students in our community, and all of them can be congratulated on the courage demonstrated as they played in front of a real audience this month.

The Drama and Music Showcase was held at The New Lyric Theatre in Bunbury on Monday, 14 November, followed by the Semester 2 Dance Concert on Thursday, 17 November.

It was great to see many students stepping out of their comfort zones and showing off their skills learnt in Drama, Music and Dance over the last two terms.

Thank you to all students and staff for your dedication and hard work. Parents, families and friends enjoyed the wonderful and entertaining performances and commented on the high level of skills and talent demonstrated amongst all year levels. .

Congratulations to Fahim, Sannae and Ella, who won ‘Performer of the Night’ at the Dance Dance Concert.

A big THANK YOU to Mr Obern, Mr Parkinson, Miss Davis and Mrs Todesco for supporting these fantastic students throughout this semester.


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