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Students Confronted with Powerful Message at RAC Project Road Smart Event

Some of our students attended the RAC Project Road Smart® event in Bunbury earlier this month. The event aimed to educate young drivers on the risks associated with distracted driving, speeding, and drink driving.

Students watched a crash re-enactment, which was filmed as a docudrama and featured the response by real-life emergency services. Students also heard from guest speakers directly affected by road trauma. Following the event, students were able to meet some of the emergency services.

The RAC Project Road Smart® event provided a valuable lesson for young drivers, reminding them that road safety is everyone's responsibility.

Students commented afterwards:

'A confronting event, being shown the effects is so much more powerful than just telling the story.'

'An important lesson for everybody to learn and reminds you of the impact and emphasises how serious and dangerous driving or even being a passenger can be.'

'Makes you not want to drink.'

'Makes me want to learn CPR to increase the chance of someone's survival.'

Head of Year 12, Mrs Louise Branson, said:

"It was good to see the students confronted, as this means they are thinking about the people who presented and what they have seen. I was also impressed with the interaction and conversations that were occuring between the students and the range of service personnel who were present. "


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