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Say Cheese - Thank You Brownes Dairy for Your Generous Donation

Thank you to local iconic diary company Brownes Dairy for your generous donation of cheese for our School Breakfast Club. This kind gesture enables us to provide nutritious breakfasts to our students three times a week as part of the Breakfast Club initiative.

The Foodbank WA School Breakfast Program commenced in 2001 in response to growing awareness that many students were going to school without eating breakfast. 17 Schools registered in the first year and by 2021, 492 schools were involved.

Our Lady of Mercy College introduced the program last year, and it has been very well received. Another day was added and the College now serves breakfast three times a week.

In WA, the School Breakfast Program reaches over 21,000 children, serving over 68,600 breakfasts and 24,200 ‘emergency’ meals per week. 58% of these are in regional Western Australia. The program extends from Kalumburu and Kununurra in the north, to Esperance and Albany in the south, to remote schools along the South Australia/Northern Territory borders.

The School Breakfast Program would not be possible without funding from generous Government and corporate sponsors, such as Brownes Dairy, to cover the cost of food items and transport.

The College is very grateful for the support shown within the community, especially from the staff and students who volunteer their time prepping, cooking and serving the food early in the morning.

Research shows that a School Breakfast Program can have many benefits and positive outcomes, such as:

– Improved concentration, readiness for learning and productivity in classwork

– Improved academic achievement

– Reduced absenteeism

– Improved punctuality

– Reduced behaviour issues

– Reduced food insecurity and financial strain in low socio-economic families

– Healthy habits developed that carry into adulthood

– Better social relations with other students

– Sense of belonging and safety

– Improved physical health

– Improved mental health

The Breakfast Club runs every Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning from 7.50-8.20am at the servery window outside the new Gym.

All students are welcome.


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