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Planning Our Future

Our Executive Directors from left to right: Mr Rob Crothers, Mrs Karyn Cronin, Mrs Viv McKenzie, Mrs Natasha Hart and Mr Eugene De Lima.

Given the separation from Bunbury Catholic College, 2020 was identified as a year of transition for Our Lady of Mercy College.

Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, staff at the College remain very keen to shape and evolve our future pathway to deliver the best possible outcomes for our students as we look to positively position the College within the wider Bunbury community. While there is much work to be done, progress has been made on several fronts.

  • Changes to the College communication styles have been initiated. As we build upon the success of our web site and Facebook page, the introduction of Mercy Snapshots will provide access to crucial information in a concise manner. Mercy Stories will share many of the learning experiences at the College and reflect a more personal level of communication and interest.

  • Staff members are examining the feasibility of the College participating in Country Week in 2021. Student and parent surveys will soon be made public.

  • Development approval has been obtained for the Gymnasium, Dance Studio, Drama Workshop and additional classrooms. Construction is expected to commence in the near future.

While further work is required, initial consideration has been given to several other aspects including:

  • Developing a greater emphasis on Career Education

  • Developing a student engagement model for Senior Schooling

  • Articulation of the Mercy Values into student language

  • Integrating Fullan’s Global competencies within our Year 7-10 curriculum, and

  • Determining the most appropriate Pastoral Care model for our students

Given timelines and planning requirements for 2021, some initiatives have already commenced. They will remain a ‘Work in Progress’ to allow them to evolve and benefit from wider consultation. Regular updates about these developments will be shared as further decisions are made.


Rob Crothers


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