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Our Lady of Mercy College Wins Science and Engineering Challenge WA and is Off to Compete in Sydney

A huge congratulations to the exceptional group of 32 Year 9 and Year 10 Our Lady of Mercy College students who won the top spot in the Science and Engineering Challenge in WA earlier this term!

Their outstanding achievement outshone all regional and Perth schools and earned them an invitation to the upcoming finals in Sydney this October.

The prospect of representing our College on a national stage in New South Wales has ignited great excitement among our students and staff. This opportunity is a testament to their dedication and efforts inside and outside the classroom leading up to this challenge.

"The Science and Engineering Challenge is an amazing opportunity for us. We are able to represent our College as State Champions and then hopefully return as National winners!! We are excited for the challenge and thankful for our amazing teachers for making it happen for us!" Zahara Winters, Year 9

The Science and Engineering Challenge is an engaging and hands-on competition, organised by the University of Newcastle, challenging the participants to envision a future in science and engineering.

The students worked in groups to undertake activities which covered a wide range of engineering activities such as designing an earthquake-proof tower, constructing a hovercraft or bridge, generating electricity for a city, or creating an eco-friendly home.

In the electro-city challenges, our group stood out as the only team to complete all the stages of the challenge. The students were certainly put to the test, but they had a blast during the event.

"We competed in several STEM-related activities, which we all did really well in. After placing first on the day, we were very thrilled and happy about the amazing experience. Soon after, we received the news that we would have the wonderful opportunity to go to Sydney to compete against top schools all across Australia. The Science and Engineering Challenge will provide us with amazing work opportunities and encourage us to go along the STEM pathway. I thank the school for providing us with this fantastic opportunity. " Arlen Pallett, Year 9

Congratulations to all participants on a well-deserved win and for showcasing their talents in science and engineering! We wish you all the best at the Nationals in Sydney in October.

A big thank you to all the sponsors of the event:

  • Simcoa

  • Alcoa

  • South32

  • Albemarle

  • WML Consultants

  • Iluka

  • Southern Ports

  • Tronox

  • Wespine

  • Nola Marino

  • Talison Lithium

  • Advisian

  • GHD

  • The Apprentice and Traineeship Company

  • Rotarians - Bunbury Leschenault Rotary Club

  • Rotarians – Bunbury Rotary Club

  • Australind Senior HS – Student Volunteers

  • Newton Moore Senior HS – Student Volunteers


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