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Mercy Service and Hospitality at Its Best

On Friday, 6 May, 7 of our Year 11 and Year 12 students volunteered as wait staff for the Knights of the Southern Cross Gala Dinner.  

The Order of the Knights of the Southern Cross is a national organisation of Catholic laymen who operate with the support of the Australian Bishops in all states of Australia.  The Order is guided by the Catholic faith and the virtues of prudence, faith, justice, fortitude and temperance in all its charitable works. It strives to serve the wider community and support those in need.

Some of their projects include providing scholarships for people enrolling in Education at the University of Notre Dame and supporting Catholic youth through their Leadership Academy.

Friday night was the first time since 2020 that the Knights have been able to hold a Gala Dinner in Bunbury.  

The event was held at St Patrick’s Parish Hall, where about 60 people from around the region and the Perth branch of the Knights were in attendance.

The evening began with canapes in the foyer before attendees entered the hall for a three-course meal, served by Our Lady of Mercy College students. Mr Bellini and Mrs Cronin assisted with supervision and washing dishes.

Guest speaker Professor Francis Campbell, Vice-Chancellor of Notre Dame University, Australia, presented on the theme: “Helping Catholic families pass on their faith to the next generation in an increasingly secular world.”

The Knights presented our students with a certificate at the end of the evening, acknowledging their contributions.

Thank you to the following students for volunteering: Allie Rule, Lily Grant, Rachael Conway-Physick, Rachel Cronin, Bonnie Pere, Daniel Phillips and Keeley Stevens.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to learn table service.”  Daniel

“It was a great night where I went outside my comfort zone and met new people.”  Rachel 

“Volunteering for the Knights dinner on Friday night was a valuable reminder that service can make a real difference to others.” Rachael


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