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Introducing the Council of Student Leaders for 2024

The College is excited to introduce our exceptional Council of Student Leaders for 2024!

Chosen by students and staff, these bright minds are ready to lead with vision.

We eagerly anticipate how they will transform our community, enriching it with growth, empathy, and positive change.

College Captains Claire Smith Alain Rodas

College Vice-Captains

Jayde Barry

Rhys McAtee

Costello House Captains

Isabelle Coutts

Elijah Hehir

Champagnat House Captains

Benjamin Lawler

Allie Rule

Frayne House Captains

Angus Gibb

Mark Parravicini

Hayes House Captains

Anne Epiro

Hayley Garner

McAuley House Captains

Ruby Forrest

Meg Kimpton

Read House Captains

Tahlia Napoli

Altus Basson

Arts Captains

Rocky Pike

Emily Templeton

Service Captains

Jenell Barraza

Jessica Crump

Isabella Dallywater

Cahlia White

Sports Captains

Adi Griffiths

Will York


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