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Exploring Culture and Tradition: Year 9 and 10 Students' Enriching Visit to Boola Bidi Dreaming

In Week 7, some of our Years 9 and 10 students visited Boola Bidi Dreaming, which is based on Bindjareb Country in Harvey.


Under the warm welcome of local Elder Lesley Ugle and her family, our students immersed themselves in a day filled with cultural richness and learning.


They participated in a range of activities, including a mini bush walk, a yarning circle, and nyoongar language bingo, and explored tools and artefacts and the tastes and smells of local bush food and medicine.


Our students enjoyed learning more about local traditions and ceremonies and gaining more knowledge about their culture, thanks to the generosity and wisdom shared by the team at Boola Bidi Dreaming.


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