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Congratulations to the Year 7 2024 Scholarship Recipients

Earlier this year, we invited future Year 7 2024 students to apply for Academic and Music Scholarships for Year 7, 2024 at Our Lady of Mercy College.

The College would like to express our gratitude for the overwhelming response we received for these applications. We received a multitude of high-quality applications, all of which were truly impressive. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort invested by the families in completing the application process.

We are delighted to inform you that students from a variety of local schools have been selected for the Scholarships. We have already communicated this news to the families and students via email at the end of Term 2.

The Principal and the Our Lady of Mercy College community congratulate the following students on their achievements and welcome them to the College in 2024.

Academic Scholarships:

Vincent Pinuela - St Annes Primary School

Xinrui Cao - St Annes Primary School

Gaganatha Perera - St Joseph’s Primary School

Taylor Dowling - Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Ryan Purcell - Harvey Primary School

Academic Encouragement Scholarships: Cynara Cunningham - Kingston Primary School

Lachlan Stiffle - Clifton Park Primary School

William Fisher - Kingston Primary School

Mason Baum - Parkfield Primary School

Jenna Snow - Kingston Primary School

Music Scholarships:

Evelyn Bibby - St Michael’s primary School

Cynara Cunningham - Kingston Primary School

William Fisher - Kingston Primary School

Maya Hughes - Kingston Primary School

Indee Norman - Kingston Primary School

Gaganatha Perera St Joseph’s Primary School

Dexter Treasure - Kingston Primary School

Neon Visleno - Leschenault Catholic Primary School

Chloe Warren - Kingston Primary School

Felix Windsor - Parkfield Primary School

Kirra Wearne - Australind Primary School

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration in nurturing the academic aspirations of our students.


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