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Ben (Yr 12) Receives Praise from Parks and Wildlife Crew during Workplace Learning Program

We're excited to highlight Year 12 student Ben Hart's incredible achievements through our Workplace Learning program. Since Year 11, Ben has actively participated in this program, using it as an opportunity to explore his future career options.

For the past two years, Ben has been placed with the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions – Parks and Wildlife Service. During this time, he has made a significant contribution to his workplace, as acknowledged by his supervisor. Here's a summary of Ben's outstanding contributions:

  • Construction of infrastructure at Lake Kepwari Campgrounds, including Camp Sites, Camp Kitchens, and Toilet Block

  • Construction of infrastructure on the new Wilman Bilya walk trail, including camp hut and walk bridge

  • Maintenance of recreation facilities

  • Hazardous tree identification

  • Maintenance of long trails such as The Bibbulmun Track, Munda Biddi Trail, and Wiilman Bilya Trail

Ben has received high praise from his crews and crew leaders, who describe him as a hard worker and a problem solver.

By actively engaging in industry-based learning, Ben has gained valuable insights into his chosen career path and the necessary steps for success.

We extend our gratitude to the Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Attractions – Parks and Wildlife Service for their invaluable support in helping Ben explore careers in his area of interest.

If you're interested in learning more about Our Lady of Mercy College's Workplace Learning programs, please reach out to our Career Services Team. They'll be more than happy to provide further information.


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