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Nicola Wins AQWEST Photography Contest Two Years in a Row

Congratulations to Media Students Jemma Swadel, Nicola Mberi, Ruby Bach and Tahlia Napoli who were among the eight finalists for this year’s AQWEST Water Art Photography Contest.

The winners were announced at an awards ceremony at the Lighthouse Beach Resort on August 26. Photography enthusiasts were invited to enter photographs which are inspired by the "Water Art" theme.

The competition was judged by professional photographers Sarah Henderson from Henderson Photographics and Paul Verhagen from Pyxis Services who are looking for:

  • Technical competence

  • Creativity

  • Representation of the theme

Students experimented with shutter speed, lens and lighting to create some beautiful images for this year’s entries.

First place was awarded to Nicola Mberi. It was the first time a student had been awarded the prize for a second year! Nicola commented on how she came up with the winning idea;

"Coming up with the idea took some time, but one day I decided to sit down and do some research and that’s when the idea with the lightbulb came to mind. With the actual photoshoot, I stuck the light bulb on a desk with a black backdrop as I got a classmate to pour water onto the lightbulb, capturing the photo and then putting it into Photoshoot."

She also mentioned the fantastic support received from her Media Teacher, Mrs Johnstone;

"I always had an interest in photography but when I started the Certificate course in Photography with Mrs Johnstone, she showed me some things that I didn’t know you could do with a camera. She really made me realise my passion for Photography. Mrs Johnstone always pushed me to strive for my best and not the bare minimum. "

The Photography winners received prize money and will have their work feature in the 2022 Aqwest Calendar.

Congratulations to all students who entered.


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