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Physical Recreation

Year 10 Electives

Course Description

This course is aimed at providing students with an introduction to community fitness and recreation.

Acceptance into this course is based on the values displayed in Health and Physical Education classes in Lower School.

Students are taught a range of physical activities outside the realm of traditional competitive sports. The course combines an introduction to concepts for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and how to make fitness and physical activity fun and motivating.

Physical Recreation exposes students towards all areas of sport and physical activity engagement. This is a practical course with some minimal theoretical components.

At this time, we plan to run gender-specific classes for Physical Recreation in Semester One and Semester Two. Students can only participate in Physical Recreation in either Semester One or Semester Two as it is a repeat course.

More Information

For more information regarding Year 10 electives, please contact the Academic Services Team or the Career Services Department at the College. 

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