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Academic Excellence: Our Lady of Mercy College's Class of 2023

Congratulations to the remarkable Class of 2023 for their outstanding achievements! We couldn't be prouder of the exemplary ATAR and VET accomplishments, as well as the overall performance demonstrated by our students across all academic pathways.

Here are some notable recognitions from our exceptional cohort:


The Marian Award recipient:

The Marian Award is given to the student in the cohort with the highest ATAR score. The Marian Award has been awarded to:

  • Isabella Evans


Members of the 90+ Club:

  • Isabella Evans

  • Hannah Cornwall

  • Ethan McEwen

  • Emily Battista

  • Noah Mills

  • Conlan Bailey


Certificate of Merit recipients (5):

  • Conlan Bailey

  • Emily Battista

  • Mason Bowles

  • Kade Cataldo

  • Not for publication


Highlighting key statistics from our College:

  • The Median ATAR score stands at an impressive 84.8.

  • 22% of ATAR students achieved a score above 90.

  • 93% of ATAR students secured scores guaranteeing university entry.

  • 100% of VET students attained their qualifications.

  • 89 VET courses were successfully completed, with 77% achieving Certificate II or III, and 33% attaining a Certificate IV, paving the way for university entrance.

  • 8 students utilised their Certificate IV qualifications to secure university admission with a minimum ATAR score of 70.

  • 92% of students achieved their WACE (Secondary Graduation).

  • 3 students completed a UniReady course through ViSN, all of whom received university offers.

  • Our Lady of Mercy College proudly holds the title of Top CEWA School in ATAR Economics and Visual Arts.

We recently had the pleasure of welcoming Emily, Hannah, and Ethan back to our First College Assembly to celebrate their outstanding ATAR results. They were honoured with certificates and enjoyed a morning tea with the Principal and staff.

When asked about the supportive environment at Our Lady of Mercy College, Emily shared her experience of tight-knit class communities, with dedicated teachers providing personalised support and guidance. Emily remarked, "A lot of my classes were a very tight-knit group of students. A lot of teachers were very supportive, invested a lot and just cared a lot about the growth of the student. I received a lot of one-on-one time, which helped me develop to the fullest."

Ethen echoed this sentiment. He said, "The supportive nature of teachers and the focus on the individual student at the College has contributed to my journey and great results."

Hannah expressed her gratitude to the College community for the diverse experiences, emphasising the importance of balance between academics and personal interests.

During the assembly, Hannah addressed the College community, saying, “High School has been many different things, and gave us many different experiences, including Year 10 Explorus, the Year 12 Ball and Country week, even in the last year of school when we were studying for ATAR.

I think for the most part, our class can say that we had a good experience over our time at Mercy. It is important to work hard, keep up-to-date with study and have a balance between study and things you enjoy, such as sport.

Thank you to all the teachers who supported us over our year at the College; we could not have achieved what we did without you. And a special thank you to Mrs Branson - you were always there to help us.”

Hannah has been offered the fantastic opportunity to study Physiotherapy at Curtin University. 

Certificate IV University Pathway

A significant amount of students selected Certificate IV courses as a stepping stone to university education. Many of them have been accepted for a broad range of university courses.

Congratulations to the following students for completing the following courses:

  • Certificate IV in Preparation for Health & Nursing Studies: Calista Harvey, Sophia Tomas, Jorja Puzey, Nouvel Pergoliti, Bree Chalk, Clarissa Green, Lexie Sara

  • Certificate IV in Biology (Psychology & Mental Health: Emily Kenney

  • Certificate IV in Biology (Exercise Science): Jayden Kelly

  • Certificate IV in Business: Jack Gallagher, Gabby Payne, Annisa Pedrozzolli, Thomas Cross, Tayah White, Mason Bowles, Zailey Potts

  • Certificate IV in Education Support: Zoe Roberts, Ella Birkinshaw

Personalised Career Planning

During the Years 10-12, many students of this cohort had the opportunity to engage in personalised career planning meetings with Mr Briers, Head of Learning Area – Career Services. These meetings played a pivotal role in shaping their future trajectories, leading to exciting study and employment pathways.

Diverse Career Paths

The variety in interests and talents of our graduates have led them to pursue a wide range of career opportunities. The below examples demonstrate the diverse paths our students have embarked upon:

Kade Cataldo, the 2023 Arts Captain, has been accepted at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA), pursuing a Diploma of Live Production and Technical Services. Kade's passion for the performing arts, evidenced through his lead role in the college production of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," aligns perfectly with his aspirations in the entertainment sector.

Billie Griffith has commenced an apprenticeship with Gen X Engineering. During Senior School he accessed the College Workplace Learning program which provided him with real-world learning opportunities.

Ben Hart has secured employment with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions, kickstarting his career in land management through the valuable experiences gained from Workplace Learning.

Alexei Bibikov is set to start a Bachelor of Business at the Australian Defence Force Academy. He plans to train as a pilot with the Australian Army, combining his passion for business with a commitment to service.

Mackenzee Richter started a Bachelor of Agricultural Science majoring in Animal Science at Murdoch University, with aspirations to transfer to a degree in Veterinary Science in the future, reflecting her dedication to animal welfare and agricultural sciences.

Tasha Gunson is working in the childcare industry while commencing a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, laying the foundation for her future in the field of education and childcare.

To all our Year 12 graduates, we wish you all the best for the next chapter of your lives. Whether you've embarked on university studies, commenced an apprenticeship, entered the workforce, or are pursuing a diploma, we hope that your diverse talents, passions, and aspirations guide you towards a fulfilling career ahead.

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