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Course Description

The ATAR Dance course develops and presents ideas through a variety of genres, styles and forms, as it provides a unique way in which to express our cultural view and understanding of the world. This course is intended for students with a high level of Dance training who wish to further develop their contemporary dance abilities in exploring the intent of different choreographers and creating dance performances that can change people’s perceptions of issues in our society. Students experience an intrinsic sense of enjoyment and personal achievement through expressing and challenging themselves physically, while learning to use the body as a means of artistic expression. It is essential that students can confidently perform in front of others as they will sit a practical performance examination in each semester and will sit an external WACE performance examination in year 12.
The written component of the ATAR Course includes a variety of assessment tasks including, investigations, analysis, tests and exams. Students gain an in-depth understanding of all aspects of dance theory knowledge, which would help them in a career in dance, whether that be as a performer or someone that works in the dance industry. Students research founders of contemporary dance, the history, culture, and the context in which they exist. They learn about dance anatomy, safe dance practice and biomechanics. This course has one external exam ( Yr 12 WACE) in semester two of year 12. In all other semesters of year 11 and 12 student sit a school based exam.

Minimum Entry Requirements

Essential to have completed and achieved a B Grade in Year 10 Dance. It is preferred that students are or have been a practicing student at an external dance school and must be prepared to perform at school and external events. It is essential that you are achieving a B Grade in General English and are pursuing an ATAR pathway.


For assessment criteria and Year 12 course details, please visit the SCSA page of this subject.

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