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You are Invited to our School Advisory Council and P&F Meetings - Monday, 13 February, at 6pm

 Working in Partnership, we’re inviting parents and members in our community to join us for the Our Lady of Mercy College's School Advisory Council and P&F Annual Community Meetings held on Monday, 13 February, at 6pm in the Ursula Frayne Learning Commons.

Nominations are now open to join the School Advisory Council (SAC) and/or the Parents' and Friends' Group (P&F).

Being a member of the P&F and Advisory Council is a wonderful way to get involved in the school, whether you are a parent or community member. It is an opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise in a meaningful and structured way, to help shape the future of our school.

School Advisory Council

Each school has its own Advisory Council. As a member, you will work with the Principal to enact Quality Catholic Education across the Catholic School community, as well as strategically plan for the present and future operation of your school.

The Advisory Council represents the school’s community and plays an active role in nurturing and strengthening the Catholic culture of your school. The current Terms of Reference are provided in the link below for your information:

• Nominations for School Advisory Council

If you are interested in joining our School Advisory Council, please complete the online nomination form by Friday, 10 February 2023 by clicking here. The College currently has one School Advisory Committee vacancy available.

Parents’ and Friends’ Group

A Catholic School Parents and Friends Group (P&F) provides the opportunity for parents, caregivers and friends of the school to meet, share and become a community that supports and encourages our students and staff in realising the shared vision. The P&F can add strength to their school through community engagement and fundraising initiatives, in addition to being positive advocates for its school.

The P&F Group operates in accordance with the Terms of Reference which can be located by clicking here.

The P&F Group is guided be a committee of four Office Bearers being the Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.

Separately from the committee, parents and guardians can support the P&F in one of two simple ways, either as a “Spender” or “Supporter”.

1. Spenders – This is a small group who meet once per term to prioritise how we spend P&F funds (a small regular commitment is required).

2. Supporters – This is a group of people who are happy to make some form of contribution once or twice a year. This will most likely be related to an activity which will help parents make connections within the community e.g. A sundowner for a particular year group of parents (an informal occasional commitment is required).

Parents are invited to express their interest to join the “Spenders or Supporters” by completing the online Expression of Interest form by Friday, 10 February 2023 by clicking here.

• Nominations for the P&F Committee

If you are interested in joining our P&F Committee, please complete the nomination form by 4pm on Friday, 10 February 2023 by clicking here.

The P&F currently has three Office Bearer vacancies available:

1. Deputy Chair

2. Secretary

3. Treasurer

For a pdf copy of the above information and the proposed agenda for this Annual Community Meeting is attached here

Annual Community Meeting Notice Nominations Agenda 2023
Download PDF • 324KB


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