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Year 9 Career Taster Program – Visit to South Regional TAFE

Year 9 students recently visited the South Regional TAFE Bunbury Campus to explore a range of future training opportunities where they experienced a range of activities linked to Tourism, Beauty, Painting and Decorating and Building and Construction.

The Year 9 Career Taster Program (CTP) is an exciting and innovative program designed for Year 9 students to become ‘career curious’ and get a taste of different career options, education, and training pathways.

During the visit, our students enjoyed the hands-on and skills-based activities. They also learnt about the VET delivered to Secondary Students program that is available in Years 11 and 12. In Year 10, students will have the opportunity to apply for courses at South Regional TAFE. It was beneficial for students to hear about the application process, including the academic requirements for entry into the VET delivered to Secondary School program. Particularly the importance of achieving high academic grades in Semester 1 for Year 10 students to be competitive for entry to TAFE.

A highlight for many students was the opportunity to gain practical skills in Wall and Ceiling fixing, where they were able to learn about this exciting career area, plus operate some pretty cool hand tools and work in teams. Belinda Goddard, the Executive Officer from the Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries WA, spoke with our students about the opportunity to gain industry experience.

Listed below is some of the feedback students provided about the excursion:

The TAFE Taster day was a lot of fun and a great chance to experience what the TAFE is and what it is all about. Plus, you get to try all different trades and career paths.”
“I enjoyed the walls and ceiling as it was really hands-on work and fun to give a go, and Beauty was creative.”

The College would like to thank Tish Kneuker from South Regional TAFE for coordinating the event and making it a great learning opportunity for our students.


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