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Year 9 Career Taster Program – Drone: the Future of Work!

At the end of last year, Year 9 students had the opportunity to pilot drones at the College. They attended a workshop titled ‘Drones: the future of work!’ delivered by Global Drone Solutions. This workshop was part of the Year 9 Career Taster program.

Our students learnt about career pathways in the Drone Industry. They were able to pilot a range of drones and operate them safely. Students used their drones to navigate a range of obstacle courses and competed in time trials during the day.

Our students found the workshop to be highly beneficial. Listed below is feedback from some of the students who attended the course:

“We were able to fly two different kinds of drones in two different environments. They showed us how to connect them, put them together and fly them. It was really fun. I liked flying them outdoors the most. The drones could go so high. The inside course was challenging and required a lot of focus and concentration to try and get the drones through the hoops without crashing them. All in all, though, the whole experience was really fun, and something I could learn relatively quickly.” Leela Baird

“It was fun as we had the opportunity to fly drones and look at what pathways there are as a job in the drone industry.” Ashton Warburton

“It was a very fun day we had. it was interesting to learn about drones and how they are used for work” Travis Coulson

The drone incursion was a unique experience for me and probably all of us. It was highly informative and definitely an underrated career path.” Jake Robinson

The Year 9 Career Taster Program (CTP) is an exciting and innovative program designed for Year 9 students to become ‘career curious’ and get a taste of different career options, education, and training pathways. Students can explore career pathways, try hands-on industry-based activities and see occupations in action.

The program is also designed to challenge how students think about their post-school options and help them make more informed decisions on their subject selections for Years 10, 11 and 12.

Students in Years 11 and 12 will have the opportunity to complete the Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) as a part of the VET for Secondary Students program at Bunbury Regional Trade Training Centre.

Obtaining drone qualifications opens a range of opportunities embraced by a growing number of industries and applications.

For more information on the Certificate III in Aviation (Remote Pilot) please contact the Career Services Team at Our Lady of Mercy College.

The College would like to thank Tish Kneuker from South Regional TAFE for coordinating the event and making it a great learning opportunity for our students.


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