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Year 9 CAD Excursion to Worsley Alumina - South 32

Earlier in the term, the Year 9 CAD students were fortunate enough to visit the Worsley Alumina - South 32 Alumina refinery near Collie.

A team of engineers spoke to the students about how they utilise CAD software in the workplace.

They explained how they use software to develop detailed plans of equipment. They use laser scans to create a virtual reality environment that they can then use to take measurements of equipment and surroundings.

The students were shown how they plan and organise roads and infrastructure on-site and how Worsley uses CAD for developing electrical systems.

They discovered that the software used at the refinery is the same Autodesk software used at Our Lady of Mercy College.

We would like to thank Mrs Dee O'Brien and the staff at Worsley Alumina - South 32 for their warm hospitality.


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