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Year 8 Students Look After Our Common Home

On Thursday, 27 May, we went to Myalup beach on a Year 8 retreat. There we learned how to plant trees using a tree planter, and it was very enjoyable. It did not take long to plant all the trees, so we had some food, and then we went for a 20-minute walk looking for plastic. After the walk, we grabbed the bags and went back to school and two people talked to us. One told us about how to help the wildlife and the second person Mrs Shields, told us about Laudato Si. Both the talks were quite interesting. After all the talks, we went back home. Overall, I had a really good time at the Year 8 retreat.

By TJ Allen

I found the tree planting retreat at Myalup beach to be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. We were taught about the sand dunes and how the community needs to preserve nature for future generations. When we returned to school, we learnt about Pope Francis’ letter, Laudato Si, and about our native wildlife. This was a fun day, and I enjoyed making a difference with my friends.

By Emmasyn Dillon

At Year 8 retreat, we planted trees to help the sand dunes. Once we finished planting the trees, we did a 20-minute walk up the beach and back. When we got back to school, we had lunch and listened to some speeches. The first one was about how animals in the South West are becoming endangered, and we need to do something about it. I thought the speech was very interesting. The other speech was about a letter Pope Francis wrote about how we needed to care about the planet, I thought the speech was alright, just not as good as the first one, though.

By Max Sharp

The retreat was really good. We had two speakers, one about endangered wildlife and one about Laudato Si, which taught us about the Pope's letter.

By Thomas Jacob

We went on Year 8 retreat. During Year 8 retreat, we were spoken to by people who were passionate about rehabilitating the sand dunes in Myalup. We got to use special tree planters and planted 3756 trees in thirty minutes. We then walked up the beach and collected little pieces of plastic that were polluting the beach. Once we got back, we had two talks. The first talk was about the feral animals in Australia and how they were getting rid of them. The second talk was about the Pope's encyclical called the Laudato Si. It taught us about how we can look after our common home.

By Grace Tate


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