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Year 8 Mother's Day Breakfast

Mothers, stepmothers, relatives and guardians were invited to join the Year 8 students for a very special Mother's Day Breakfast in the Learning Commons this morning.

The mums enjoyed watching the students present a special tribute to all mother figures, which included a liturgy and prayer, poems and an entertaining video presentation titled 'Mothers know best'.

Here are some lovely words written and spoken by Bonnie and Ruby this morning:

Bonnie: "Good morning and welcome to our Mother's Day breakfast. We are gathered here today to celebrate the loving women in our lives. Let us make this day memorable for the love we have with our mothers."


"With this, I would like to take an opportunity to thank all our mother-figures for everything they have ever done for us. Also, many thanks to you all present here with us today.

It is not often that we stop to appreciate and acknowledge the women in our lives. Some say “every day is Mother's Day not just the 9th of May, and they are right."


"They cook, clean, go to work, drive everyone around, go food shopping, and for some people, pick everyone up from school and drop us off. But, despite all the work they do for us, they still have time to say, ‘I love you’. So, if they have time to say those three special words, so can we.

Guardian angels are meant to be from heaven and watch over us. They are meant to guide us through rough times and support us through everything we do. They are meant to comfort us when we are sad and celebrate with us when we are happy. To me, I am right now describing mothers."


"We are so blessed to have someone in our lives that cares about us. Mums go through so much. I am going to read this very short poem about mothers.

Mum is such a special word, the loveliest I have ever heard. A toast to you above all, mum you are so special, you're simply the best.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone and thank you for listening. "

After the presentation, the special guests were treated to a delicious breakfast, made by our wonderful canteen staff. Senior students helped with serving food and beverages, and the music was provided by Mrs Forster and her Music students.

The mums and their children thoroughly enjoyed the morning. There were lots of smiles and even some happy tears!


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