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Year 7 Swimming Lessons by Caitlin and Samuel

Swimming started off with the hot walk over to Leschenault Leisure Centre (LLC), but it was all worth it because when we got into the pool it was very cool. We were very well organised and quite quick walkers.

Swimming went for 80 minutes, and we were very tired by the end of the FIRST LESSON!! For the last lesson we did a noodle race. It must have been very entertaining and funny for the teachers. The bonus was that we got was that we got icy poles!! Us Year 7s have been doing this for this last week of school. It has been so fun!!!

By Caitlin Musitano

On the last week of school we have been doing swimming lessons. We walked to Leschenault Leisure Centre (LLC) with our friends. We learnt how to do side stroke, survival backstroke and we also did laps of the pool. The hardest was probably side stroke.

When you were good you got to do crocodile swimming or diving to the bottom of the pool. Swimming lessons was really fun and I learnt a lot. I was in stage 8 and now feel more confident in the pool.

By Samuel Hook


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