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Wrapping Up 2023 with Gratitude: A Memorable Final Day for Year 11

On Thursday, 9 November, the Year 11 students gathered to say their goodbyes to 2023.

It was a fun-filled final day for the cohort. The theme of the day was gratitude. During Mass, Father Con spoke about gratitude and asked students to consider the blessings in their lives.

Students demonstrated reverence as they reflected on the support received from parents, teachers, and friends in 2023.

In the afternoon, the cohort enjoyed a sausage sizzle lunch and some fun activities. There were many laughs as students decorated biscuits, enjoyed some water-based activities, and played dodgeball. It was a fitting way to round out 2023.

I wish the Year 11 students all the best. I trust they will enjoy a well-deserved break and be rested for a big year in 2024.

Good luck to ATAR students as they complete exams over the coming week.

Thanks to College staff and Year 11 parents and caregivers for their support over the year. I’m blessed to work with you in creating an environment where Year 11 students can flourish.

Mr David Mazza, Head of Year 11



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