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Working in Partnership - A Message from Principal, Mr Crothers

Last week, students gathered for their House assemblies to celebrate the Term 1 student achievements. I took the opportunity to address the students and discuss the Mercy Value of Respect.

Every year, as a College, we recommit to being respectful in our interactions by signing a document called the 'Working in Partnership Agreement'. We pride ourselves upon this agreement which is founded upon being respectful of each person.

Due to COVID restrictions, the College assembly was split into four separate House assemblies. The College Captains and I repeated the signing of the agreement at each assembly.

Whilst the agreement is signed by the Principal and the College Captains, we also seek to work in conjunction with parents to bring about the most positive outcomes for our community and for each individual.

As the Principal of the College, I undertake on behalf of all staff, to do everything I can to create a safe and friendly environment, encourage our teachers to be the best they can be and to listen to the student leadership group.

The College Captains, on behalf of all students, undertake to show respect for themselves as individuals, respect for each other and respect for our Catholic values.

Whilst the signing of the document is a simple process, the action of 'Working in Partnership' lays a strong foundation for positive and encouraging interactions.

Rob Crothers Principal


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