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Welcoming Year 7s: A Day of Hospitality and Connection!

The air was filled with excitement and anticipation on Wednesday of Week 1 as the new Year 7s were welcomed by the Head of Year 7, Mrs Millington, and the Principal, Mr Bellini.

The students were introduced to the Mercy value of Hospitality as Mrs Millington spoke passionately about the importance of showing kindness and welcoming others into our community. She encouraged everyone to embrace the day by reaching out and saying hello to at least three new faces.

After the assembly, students transitioned to their Pastoral Care Group rooms, where they participated in different activities. They received their student planners and practised locker combinations with Year 12 mentors helping along the way.

By the time the bell rang for their regular timetable, any lingering nerves had vanished, and students seamlessly settled into their routines.

Well done, Year 7s, on a fantastic start to 2024.


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