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Stemp Photos: Kayde’s Journey in Business Enterprise

Kayde Stemp, a Year 12 student, recently met with the College Accountant, Mr Samuel Galati, to deposit the profits from his successful Business Enterprise project, "Stemp Photos."

Kayde is enrolled in the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN), which offers innovative programs for certifying personal achievements. Over the last two years, he has completed the "Business Enterprise" unit as part of the program, where he had to start and manage a business and use the profits to restock and donate to charity.

Kayde's business enterprise, "Stemp Photos," sells blank photographic cards and calendars made from his own photographs. The products have been well-received by staff and the wider College community, resulting in a profitable business outcome.

To complete the project, Kayde had to prepare a portfolio of evidence for assessment with support from Education Assistant Mrs. Bev Seroka. The portfolio includes an outline of profits and running costs, such as materials and copiers used. Mr Galati assisted Kayde in ensuring that profits were donated to Caritas.

Kayde expressed his gratitude for the support he received during the project and his enjoyment in planning, researching, advertising, and creating the calendars and cards. He ran the enterprise on his own and gained valuable experience in running a business. He plans to continue "Stemp Photos" after graduating from Our Lady of Mercy College by opening a Facebook business page to sell his photos online.

For more information on Kayde's products. please email


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