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Starry Starry Night - Year 12 Ball

After one postponement and a feeling of trepidation on Friday as we waited for the Premier’s announcement regarding a lockdown, the Year 12 Ball finally went ahead.

The event was held at the Mercure Sanctuary Golf Club Resort in Pelican Point. Sixty eight students and outside partners attended the Ball, with fourteen staff joining in the Year 12 social event of the year.

After much discussion and debate in 2020, a committee of students decided on the theme of 'Starry, Starry Night'. Year 12 student Quinn, used his woodwork skills to cut out nearly two hundred stars of varying sizes, which were then painted silver and covered in glitter with the assistance of students in a range of different year levels.

Under the direction of Mrs Ball, the stars were hung as part of the decorations, along with a large number of fairy lights. Mrs Duncan made star-shaped cookies as place cards.

Although the evening was quite dark by the time the students arrived, a large group of family and friends had gathered to welcome them as they exited their fancy cars and walked along the red carpet.

After greeting Mr Crothers as they entered the Sanctuary, the guests walked through an archway, checked for their table number and joined their peers to have formal photos taken by Henderson Photographics. It was then down to the formal part of the evening, with an entrée of Garlic Bread, mains of either Pan-Seared Barramundi or Grilled Lemon-Grass Chicken. This was followed by New York Cheesecake or Fresh Fruit Pavlova for dessert.

Students then hit the dance floor with DJ Majeztic mixing the music. The music playlist had been created by the Year 12s. It was amazing to see everyone joining in the Nutbush, Macarena and Time Warp. The memorable 'Starry' evening concluded at 11pm.

Some Year 12 comments about what the students enjoyed most about the evening:

“I enjoyed the social aspect of the ball; getting to enjoy a night with friends was a good experience.” Ben Wilks

“The access to the photo booth and the atmosphere of the night were enjoyable.” Hayley Cooper

“Getting up and dancing with mates.” Hudson White

“Talking with people's outside partners.” Gabe Mulholland

“The thing that I enjoyed the most about the night was seeing everyone and taking photos with all my friends. The staff that were serving us were very polite and welcome towards us, and that topped off the night.” Nicola Mberi


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