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SOS Office Equipment and G-Mac Equipment Extend a Helping Hand to the Breakfast Club Initiative

In a heartwarming display of community support, Quintin from SOS Office Equipment and Rob from G-Mac Equipment have stepped up to make a significant difference in the lives of students at our school.

Their generous contribution of a substantial supply of Cheese and Milo has given a major boost to our beloved Breakfast Club initiative.

The impact of this kind gesture cannot be overstated. With their support, we continue to provide nutritious breakfasts to our students twice a week, fostering a positive learning environment and setting the stage for a productive day ahead.

The significance of a School Breakfast Program goes beyond just filling hungry stomachs. Research has shown that such programs offer a myriad of benefits and positive outcomes, which include:

1. Improved academic performance

2. Reduced absenteeism

3. Improved punctuality

4. Reduced behaviour issues

5. Support for Vulnerable Families

6. Healthy Habits for Life

7. Building Social Connections.

8. Sense of Belonging and Safety

9. Enhanced Physical and Mental Wellbeing

The Breakfast Club welcomes all students every Wednesday and Friday morning from 7.50 to 8.20 am. Students can head to the servery window outside the Gym to grab a wholesome meal and kickstart their day on a positive note.

We extend our gratitude to Quentin of SOS Office Equipment and Rob of G-Mac Equipment for their support.


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