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SkillsWest Careers & Employment Expo Excursion - Year 9 Career Taster Program

As part of the Year 9 Career Taster Program, our Careers Services Team aims to provide our students with opportunities that suit a range of different career pathways.

Recently, the College took 67 enthusiastic Year 9 students to the SkillsWest Careers & Employment Expo at the Perth Convention Centre. This expo provided students with insights concerning career options linked to university, Vocational Education and Training, and future career opportunities.

With a remarkable participation of over 130 educators and employers, the expo acted as a hub of information. Students had the opportunity to talk with course providers and employers regarding apprenticeships, traineeships, and jobs of the future. These interactions with industry professionals helped the students understand the practical aspects of specific career pathways and will help them make informed choices about their future pursuits.

Our Year 9 students loved the enriching experience. Here's what some of them had to say:

"I thought it was a great experience. It helped me gain an understanding about the different universities around Australia, about the various career options and how they benefit society and help the community." Shiksha Soni

"I thought the expo was really good and it helped me realise what I had to do to get the career I want, and the best pathway to get there." Kobe McLaren

"It was so inspiring seeing so many amazing people, and I really liked the things that involved flying planes or working for the police and army." Siya Chopra

"I enjoyedthe expo. It gave me an idea of what industry I may want to move into, and industries I still need to think about that I may want to move into." Charlie Pitts

"It was a fun and enjoyable experience as I was able to engage myself in many different career options. The expo gives you an insight into many different career options, and some things may pop out to you that didn't before." Thomas Mills

"It was really helpful to learn about all the different career opportunities and how you can reach your goal. It is extremely helpful if you don’t know what you want to do and would like to know about different career paths." Mack Kenny

"If you're confused or unsure about what you want to do with your future, going on this excursion helps you to get on a pathway for your future." Alyvia Davies


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