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Welcome to Jack’s Island!

Our Year 7 novel study this year is Jack’s Island written by WA author Norman Jorgensen. The book is about Norman’s father, Jack, who lived with his family on Rottnest Island during the Second World War. Jack and his best friend Banjo get up to all sorts of mischief and trouble on the island – setting off live grenades, racing hill trolleys and sailing home made canoes. The students have adored reading about Jack’s adventures.

Up in the Library we have brought Jack’s world to life! What? A dunny in the Library? Yes – and a jetty with a bollard for the yacht to tie up safely, a real hill trolley, the Rottnest Island Cemetery – gravestones and all. In Jack’s Mum’s 1940s kitchen there is a real Metters Stove – twist the handle to open it up and you will find rabbit pie cooking for tea…or perhaps Cornish pasties (young Jack’s favourite). In the posh frontroom you will see Jack’s favourite books, the old wireless, and you can partake of a cup of tea or a shot of “Thor’s Hammer” – whichever takes your fancy.

We were absolutely thrilled to have Norman Jorgensen himself come and speak to all our Year 7 cohort this morning. They loved asking questions about his father (Jack), Banjo, Dafty and all their crazy adventures. Norman enjoyed his visit to OLMC immensely, saying he had never ever seen a more wonderful Jack’s Island display!

He loved posing in the dunny, in the kitchen, by the hillcart, and eating real Cornish pasties (Jack’s favourite treat) made by Mrs Godwin for morning tea! He spent a long time patiently signing many copies of Jack’s Island for the Year 7s.

A huge thank you to everyone who helped with this display and the day – Mrs Brown, Mrs Rae and the many kind people who brought in props. We could not have done it without the amazingly wonderful College maintenance team – Mr Barten and Mr Prowse and student Kayde Stemp. Their building and carpentry skills were nothing sort of fantastic, and we are incredibly grateful.

The display will remain for Mercy on Show and Book Week. Please come on up to the Library, and prepare to be transported back in time to Rottnest during the Second World War.

Mrs Sally Ball


Below some behind-the-scenes photos of Mr Prowse and student Kayde Stemp working on the props and beautiful display.


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