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House Spirit Soars: Year 8 Mixed Netball Competition Ends with Hayes Victorious in Grand Final Clash

Under the guidance of Mr Galati, the Year 12 House Captains took the initiative to organise an exciting Year 8 Mixed Netball Competition at the end of Term 1.

For this event, the Year 8 students formed two teams representing their respective Houses, engaging in play-off matches during lunchtime.

As the competition progressed to the finals, the teams from Hayes, McAuley, and Costello faced off against each other. The thrilling Grand Final showcased a showdown between Costello and Hayes. Despite being short of a few players and welcoming some last-minute additions, Costello put up a spirited fight. However, it was Hayes who emerged victorious with a remarkable 8-2 score.

"I really enjoyed it, it was such an amazing experience. I loved playing with all the different people and the teams are nice and mixed up and I met some new people so I really liked it. I think that we should do it every term, I had that much fun." Ebony Williams, Year 8 Costello

"The netball was really fun, I enjoyed it heaps and it was great competition from the other Year 8 teams." Xavier Stewart, Year 8 McAuley

"I have enjoyed playing in the Year 8 mixed netball competition and I hope the Year 8s next year enjoy it too. I believe it was a fun experience and I enjoyed playing with my friends and I can't wait to play the grand final in the Hayes team!" GO HAYES!! Emily Vener, Year 8 Hayes

"This was a great friendly competition versing all my other class mates and it was very fun." Tiger Martin, Year 8 Hayes


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