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Happy Faces as Year 7 Students Settle into Life at High School

We had a very large group of excited new Year 7 students join our College this year.

The transition to secondary school can be a challenging time, and so the immediate goal of the first few weeks is to assist each child in feeling comfortable and becoming familiar with the routines of the new environment.

"l think high school is going great. At first, I found it hard when my locker got stuck on the first day. I had to get a whole new lock, but now, I'm a pro at unlocking it. My timetable was hard to understand at first, but after a couple of weeks, I can look at the timetable and go to every class with ease. l really enjoy all the electives as I did not do those subjects in Primary School. My favourite elective is Performance and Fitness, and my favourite core subject is Science with Dr Arthur. Mr Pisano is our Head of Year; he is the best. Here is a tip: go to him if you have a big problem. He WILL help you. The best thing about Mercy is the opportunities for all age groups like acting, music, woodworking and much more." Abby Burns

"At the start of the year, I was scared that if I was late to my classes I would get into big trouble, but l soon found out that all my teachers are so understanding. They know we are trying our best and that my classmates and I will get the hang of it in time and practice. I have had a great time so far at Our Lady Of Mercy College and very much enjoy all of my teachers and can’t believe how many clubs and activities there are around the school. I have already joined the Mercy Justice club. l have found it an amazing opportunity and can’t wait to join other clubs like debating, drama productions and tournament of the minds. I love Our Lady Of Mercy College and am looking forward to the next six years here." Gaby Drury

Over the last three weeks, students have been getting used to their lockers, student planners and timetables, classes and electives, and of course, exciting House activities, such as Pastoral Care Group, Activity Days and the Mercy Games.

It is great to see so many happy and enthusiastic faces around the College, as the students are settling in nicely.

"Starting Year 7 at Our Lady of Mercy College has been fun but challenging. I'm here to tell you all about my experiences so far. The staff are nice, and they're always around to help the students. The older students have also been really nice to us, and they have helped us to navigate these new grounds. The school is SO BIG that I feel like it's trying to make me lost! There is also a school canteen, which serves hot and cold food, drinks, and great lunches, and it is all really yummy food. The electives are all fun to do; you can cook, dance, do electronics, act, build, and more - all in one week! One of the hardest things I had to learn was navigating, because the school is so big. But after a few weeks, I can navigate with ease. I have been able to have a lot of fun throughout these weeks, especially with the Year 7 Activity Days the school gave us." Eon Pablo

Our Year 7s also enjoyed two fantastic Activity Days at Pelican Point, recently.

The Activity Days were a memorable experience for our young students, filled with exciting and engaging activities and games. The aim of those days is to increase team building and House spirit among the cohort, helping them to develop a sense of unity and belonging within the school community.

Overall, it provided the students with the opportunity to bond, build relationships, develop important life skills and have lots of fun at the same time.

"We had an amazing time on our Year 7 Activity days with Adventure Works. During these two days we had many fun activities that used teamwork to solve puzzles and different challenges. My favourite activity was the catapults with wet sponges; they are fun to catch and catapult at the other teams. So far, I'm loving my school, and it really is the best start I could've asked for." Vrit Patel


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