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Gymnasium Construction Update

Architect Sean O'Dea and Director Eamon Broderick of TRCB with Principal Rob Crothers.

The recent arrival of the Gymnasium roof panels at the College was a welcome sight. Manufactured in Belgium, the components were transported by sea on two different vessels. Unfortunately, the ships were delayed being on the wrong side of the recent Suez Canal blockage.

The installation has commenced and continues as weather permits. The builders need reasonably dry and calm conditions as they use a suction technique to lift the 4-tonne panels into place. The last few days of this term look good ahead of predicted wet weather during the first week of the school holidays.

Other works have continued to progress with tiling, gyprock, and windows being installed along with the completion of other sundry tasks.

Excitement and expectation about the building continues to build as we edge towards completion. The anticipated finish date is now in November, and we keep our fingers crossed that any future delays are minimal. When complete, this building will contain; gymnasium court space, presentation stage, weigths room, changerooms, sports store, staff offices, servery, dance studio, drama studio and six additional classrooms.

The College remains appreciative of the cooperation of parents and students in following the directions regarding student drop off and pick up during this time. The safety of the students and visitors remains a priority for the College.


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