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Engaging Courtroom Drama: Year 7 Students Defend Fairy Tale Villains in Persuasive Speeches

In English, the Year 7 students were asked to write a persuasive speech as a ‘lawyer’, defending a villain from a fairy tale. They all came up with great reasons why their ‘client’ should be found not guilty of their alleged crimes.

The characters defended were wide and varied: The Giant from Jack and the Beanstalk, Goldilocks, The Big Bad Wolf, Scar, Maleficent, Cinderella’s evil stepmother and many more. Mr Mazza brought in his Dad’s gown and wig to wear as the judge, which the students loved.

Mrs Godwin was lucky enough to be able to borrow this too and the students enjoyed standing to greet the judge and they were very engaged in everyone’s presentations.

Read below to see a sample of one of the Year 7 student’s work.

Lucas-James Mesa defending the Giant:

Your honour, the first case of Jack’s mischievous actions was when he decided to enter the giant’s house, which is trespassing. He stole an enormous bag of gold from the righteous owner, the Giant. Just because you are poor does not mean you should steal from others. Also, it was enough to live on for ages. But Jack spent it all on wasteful things like gambling and overall to live a luxurious life. And he lied to the whole world, saying he spent it on essential things like food, manipulating the millions of people to believe that the poor Giant is a villain.


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