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COUNTRY WEEK - Winning Wasn’t the Best Part, Being Part of a Great Team Was

Our Lady of Mercy College competed in Country Week for the first time this year. Students arrived Sunday afternoon excited for the week ahead. The Mercy contingent consisted of eight teams and was eighty students strong. The team spent the week in Perth, competing every day to put themselves in the best position possible for the finals, which took place on Friday.

Country Week is not just about the sport being played, but also about time spent with friends. Students appreciated the opportunity to get to know other students and staff better and form long-lasting relationships. They enjoyed the evening activities such as Holey Moley mini-golf, team dinners, late-night shopping and the movies.

The Mercy spirit and team camaraderie were on display, with students supporting and cheering on other teams when they had a break in their fixtures; the volleyball game was a particularly good atmosphere. As Friday and finals rolled around, Our Lady of Mercy College competed in six grand finals. The dance students had their grading and performance on the Friday also. The students competed to the best of their abilities and represented the College with pride, with three teams winning and crowned champions.


Boys Basketball – 2nd (D division) - Mr Thompson

Girls Basketball – 1st (C Division) - Ms Drage

Dance – 3rd (A Division) - Ms Davis

Netball – 2nd (D Division) - Mrs Godwin

Soccer – 1st (C Division) - Mr Parkinson and Mr McGeoch

Touch – 2nd (B Division) - Mrs Gann

Boys Volleyball – 3rd (B Division) - Mr Harris

Girls Volleyball – 1st (C Division) - Mrs Branson

“Country Week was enjoyable as we saw another side of staff that came along and made new friendships with the other students on the squad; the hotel was a bundle of excitement. “ Zoe Roberts

“Country Week was awesome because we all got to go on a trip and see different sides to each other and enjoy company from people in other schools.” Calista Harvey

“Country Week was a great experience. I enjoyed spending time with my teammates and friends and playing the sport I love.” Jordan Italiano

“Country Week was amazing. I enjoyed the sports and teamwork that came with it and interacting with other schools.” Nate Wilson

“Country Week was fun. I enjoyed the hotel and the days at the oval getting around all the other teams.” Jayden Kelly

“Country Week was a great week. I experienced a lot of new things and for sure made many new memories.’ Renaye Smith

“Dancing for Country Week was eye-opening to different cultural dance styles, and it was amazing to see how they told different stories to the audience and each culture." Mackenzee Richter

“Country week was great! We all really bonded as a team, and it was so good to see us improve as the week went on. Winning the grand final was a great way to end Year 12.” Leah Italiano

“Winning wasn’t the best part… Being part of a great team was.” George Kimpton

“We loved it, but were so sad that Mrs Pere couldn’t be there.” Taj Timewell and Leah York

“It was great, I strongly recommend it. Bring extra coffee for the teachers so they don’t get cranky.” Will Griffiths


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