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Celebrating RESPECT DAY: Inspiring Unity and Reconciliation

Today, Tuesday, 30 May 2023, we are celebrating RESPECT DAY at our College! While it may not be a nationally recognised date, we believe it's crucial to acknowledge this year's Mercy focus value, which is RESPECT.

This special day serves as an opportunity for our college community to reflect on and embrace the importance of conducting ourselves with respect towards ourselves, others, and the environment (place).

Throughout the day, our students participated in homeroom activities and enjoyed engaging games during recess and lunch. The vibrant atmosphere was enhanced with balloons, decorations and music. Moreover, we were very fortunate to have Maxwell Jetta, local Aboriginal Mental Health Worker, as a guest speaker to visit our College.

Max spoke about what RESPECT means to him and his talk aligned perfectly with Reconciliation Week, which runs from Monday to Friday. Thank you, Max, for inspiring our students.

Thank you also to our College Counsellors, Grace and Emily, for their outstanding efforts in organising this uplifting day.

Let's continue to embrace and practice respect every day, not just on RESPECT DAY, as we strive to create a nurturing and inclusive community together!


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