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Au Revoir from French Exchange Student Linon



Je suis Linon Gorry. I am an exchange student from France. I came to Australia in July 2023. I have been here for nearly a year. My overall experience at Our Lady of Mercy College has been really good, despite being different from school life in France. Mercy has been extremely welcoming and more laid back than school in France. The timetable is very different. Here we have 6 subjects and short lessons. In France we have 10 subjects and much longer lessons.

I've had many wonderful experiences while here in Australia. My most memorable experience includes a safari up north with all the other exchange students in WA and even some from the eastern states. The Year 12 ball was also a very memorable moment, as this isn't something that I would get to do at my high school in France.


I've made some wonderful friends here at Mercy, who I will stay in touch with for the rest of my life. I'll always treasure the memories that I have made here.


Au revoir,





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